Top Five Management Tools

It’s nothing unexpected that the enthusiasm for management tools develop exponentially. One reason why numerous organizations are effective is on the grounds that they know how to deal with all their stuff in an appropriate way.


Furthermore, that is the place where the requirement for task management becomes an integral factor. In this blog, I have compiled my list of the top five management tools to help you successfully oversee contending needs in a more productive manner.





Planears is one of the top five management tools that gives you everything in one place including CRM, project management, human resource management, workspace management etc. It has all the features that are not available in the next mention tools. It’s the first ever framework to combine the necessary efficiency tools that help to cover your company needs. The unique features of this tool include a built-in chat module, time tracking, and billing, role management, sticky notes, to do list, virtual workspace, private user workspace, task boards, calendar and several more. It’s everything sort out at one single place and manage effectively and efficiently. Its task board helps to formalize the office level everyday activities with the assistance of boards. Directors can have the same number of boards as they need as per memberships. With its chat module, you don’t have to depend on any other chat software.


Moreover, it also keeps a log of exertion being done on the individual undertaking allocated to all assets. It enables supervisors to see the profitability of every asset and plan their work routine in like manner.




Jira is a feature-rich Agile task administration instrument worked by Atlassian. It is used for project management and bug tracking as well. Jira Software is worked for each individual from your product group to design, track, and release extraordinary software. Utilizing Jira Software causes you design and compose assignments, work processes, and reports for your dexterous group more effectively. Something other than an issue tracker, Jira is an extensible stage that you can tweak to coordinate your business forms. It enhances profitability by eliminating time squandered on following issues and coordination.


Furthermore, it enhances quality by guaranteeing all tasks are recorded down with all subtle elements and followed up till fulfillment. However, Jira is slow due to a lot of functionalities integrated.


There are numerous benefits of using these management tools in your day-to-day business.




With Asana, you get your fundamental management needs to be done in a spotless and clear way. The online device gives every one of your groups a chance to make its own individual workspaces and afterward fill them with continuous projects and tasks. Each assignment follows and clients are inform of updates and changes that influence them with a definitive objective of ensuring each task has a reasonable subsequent stage prepared. Moreover, Asana is an exceptionally fit all-around project administration instrument. it has specific accentuation on following everything from activities to contracting the bugs in the code.


For chat, we have to use team communication app in this tool. Moreover, there is no time tracking and estimate functionality in asana.


One of the major benefits of using these management tools is that it is great for your remote team




Basecamp was discharged in 2004 and centers around the possibility of an ‘active task’ which individuals can take a shot at together in spite of area. Consistently, Basecamp sends a Daily Recap email itemizing the status of undertakings and errands. Another variant was discharged in 2012. Basecamp brings everything your organization’s taking a shot under one rooftop. Composed, incorporated, and clear so everybody recognizes what to do, everybody knows where things stand, and everybody can get what they require without asking around constantly.


Basecamp also doesn’t include time tracking or reporting.


You can boost your business using these tools and CRMs.




Hubstaff Tasks is a visual project management tool that’s built with Agile in mind. It has a Kanban interface that simplifies task management and project tracking so you can collaborate with your team with ease.


Create checklists, add labels, set deadlines and estimates and communicate with tasks. Teammates will receive notifications whenever they are mentioned or a task is assigned to them so no one misses a beat. you can move a task to the nest project stage by dragging and dropping it from one column to another – all assignees and followers will automatically be notified.
Hubstaff Tasks has an Agile Sprints feature that’s designed to help teams prioritize tasks and deliver projects on time. It also has custom workflows that can automatically move tasks to the next phase and assign them to specific team members with one click.




Trello is an extraordinary instrument number one rank in the top five management tools to encourage you and your group remains sorted out. It empowers you to work in a more synergistic way. Propel in 2011, it’s a visual joint effort instrument generally utilize by deft programming improvement groups and different divisions, for example, marketing, sales, support, and HR. It gives tools to characterize projects, their necessities and the work process to guarantee projects are finish in a successive way. Highlights incorporate a computerized board to make, arrange and organize activities.

There is no time tracking and estimate functionality in Trello. It doesn’t include the calendar.

To get the more amazing platform to handle the designer team is Milanote. It great fits for the team to collaborate on shared platform or the team who works remotely.


To conclude, my personal favorite is Planears. It is quite easy and simple to use. I would recommend it as I also use it. Though it has a beta version till date but still it is very helpful.

Top Five Management Tools
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Top Five Management Tools
Top Five Management Tools. One reason why numerous organizations are effective is on the grounds that they know how to deal with all their stuff in an appropriate way. Project Management, Team Management, Task Management, Workspace, CRM etc.
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