Ashtex Solutions provides professional business analysis services that help you in solving your business problems efficiently. Our team greatly emphasize on understanding your business needs, identifying the problem statement and then proposing suitable solutions. We as business analysts act as bridge between the clients and the development team to implement the best possible solutions.


Our goal at Ashtex Solutions as the business analyst is to constantly keep the project and the development team aligned. We strive to gain a clear understanding of your business, perform competitive and market analysis and gather and analyze all requirements before documenting them to achieve the best product that you desire.



This is how we assist you in businesses :


  • Uncover client’s predominant prospects.
  • Examine the client’s business procedures.
  • Conduct feasibility studies.
  • Conduct risk assessment.
  • Elucidate scope, requisites, and business objectives, as well as costs and deadlines.
  • Distribute and prioritize a consummate set of requisites.
  • Reduce complexity and confusions.
  • Ascertain requisites meet the client’s business needs.
  • Design a go-forward concept of the project.
  • Suggest solutions as per the needs.
We bring best understanding of the business process to provide you valuable insights