TOP 7 benefits of using HTML.

So you are still not aware about the benefits of coding language HTML ? If so then, Yes!! you are on the right track to knowing about its pros…..


Before knowing about its advantages, One should know what the HTML is ? The answer to this question is right here :



HTML( HyperText Markup Language) is the most basic language for creating and maintaining web pages and websites. These websites then can be used and viewed by everyone on the internet.


HTML is as important to websites as bricks important to houses.


As without bricks house can’t be made so does without HTML websites can’t be created.


There are a lot of pros and cons of using HTML(coding language)


Consistency means “steadfast adherence to the same principles, course and form, etc”. HTML is a consistent language as it provides it’s users the similar way of designing a web application or site. This feature makes its code enough compatible to read use or modify by other users. Here are some of the pros and cons given below :


Ease :


It is enough easy to write or read a code in HTML. One of its main reason is the use of templates. Templates are like the demo which makes web page designing much pleasant. Even beginners can write codes in HTML with no worries.



Cleaner Code :


To write a clear, clean, easy to perceive and understand code, HTML is the best platform.


Codes written in HTML coding language is simple and elegant as the above. Hence, it provides a better understanding to each user that what’s going on.




Browser Compatibility :


HTML is highly compatible with different browsers including FirefoxInternet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Each browser may not necessarily support every element but they will be atleast able to read the doctype.

Offline Access :


One of the main benefits of using HTML is offline caching. Now a user has not bounded by the internet. One can load the core elements of the site even it is offline or its connection goes down. In short HTML user is not bounded by active internet connection to perform a task.




Awesome User Experience :


HTML provides its developers better scope to produce greater web applications and websites. Also, it offers a wide range of presentation and design tools, which results in good and pleasure user experience.




It’s the Past as well as Future :


From the very beginning of making websites to the end, websites had made, still make and probably will make on HTML.


As it please it’s users with so many features and ease and it’s the most basic language to write codes for websites and web applications


It’s future is Bright may be more than in the past !



TOP 7 benefits of using HTML.
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TOP 7 benefits of using HTML.
HTML is a coding language. As it please it’s users with so many features and ease and it’s the most basic language to write codes for websites and web applications it’s future is Bright may be more than the past!
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